Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy birthday, Kristine or another "Frozen" cake :)

Today's cake is for the 6th birthday of a girl called Kristine. I made a cake for the second time for this girl but unfortunately I haven't still met her....One day, I hope I'll have this chance :)
My daughter will have a birthday next week and she will celebrate her 6th birthday too. Her cake wish this year is "Frozen" - a Disney movie very popular this year among the kids and their parents and also with the song :) That's why when Kristine's mother ordered the cake two weeks ago and told me what her daughter likes I almost started laughing - "Frozen" again. Probably at that age girls adore this movie and mainly the two sisters.
That's why now I'll share with you more photos :)

Happy birthday, Kristine! Enjoy the vacation and I am sure you had an amazing birthday party!


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