Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cake "Frozen"

Is it spring or it's still winter?!?! Although it's gloomy and rainy and cold definitely the spring came...Only my cake makes you move back to the winter season. But how can you resist to make such a cake if this is one of the most popular movies now. All girls at age 3-6 years old are addicted to "Frozen". The princess ,Olaf, the song....I can't escape from the winter :)))
The "Frozen" theme is Katherine's only wish for her 5th birthday cake. Happy birthday, dear Katherine! Be always a princess!

The cake is a combination of French vanilla layers and decadent chocolate fudge and all is attached by my favorite cream of mascarpone and wild berries. The photos are picked up by her mother who passionately arranged the whole party for her loving daughter.

 Some of the pictures are taken with flash some are not. Definitely today I have had  problem with the light for the photos...

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