Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New recipe muffins

Today I'll present you my last muffins made on an absolutely new recipe and proudly I can announce that I created the recipe. Hopefully the combination of ingredients was perfect. I enjoyed every single bite of my muffin, even every single crumb. And proudly I can announce that I didn't use any sugar. Some of them I left without any decoration on the top, some of them are with irresistible light cream.
OK, let's share with you my invention! The muffins are made with flax flour, an egg, water, dried cranberries, dates and some of them are with chopped walnuts. I baked them at the oven at 400F and because they are without any baking powder they didn't become bigger. But I had enough space to fill the space of the cup with the cream. The cream is butter cream free :)The ingredients are: mascarpone cream, sour cream and black cherry, raspberry and blood orange, everything is well blended. And what do you think for this combination? May be it sounds weird but honestly it's irresistibly delicious!


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