Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy birthday, Yoanna!


"The cars" cake this time is for a very charming girl - Yoanna. She celebrates her third birthday and playing with her older brother Angel it's sure that the girl will have the same interests. The cake represents a scene in the desert. The sand I made with finely ground cookies. The other option was to use brown sugar but I find the idea spreading cookies more edible than the sugar :).The grass was made out of green colored butter cream. The cactuses and the rocks are made out of fondant. The cars are real toys only the McQueen is made out of plastic cake decoration. At the end of the party the girl will have the toys to play with them :)
In a week time will be her brother's birthday. His wish for a cake is....The cars!!! That's why pretty soon I'll show you my second cake in this theme.

And here, it's time to share with you my mistake....I missed a letter in girl's name!!!!Unfortunately I didn't notice this in the beginning while I was taking the pictures. After that I replaced the sign but I didn't take a picture :) Sorry....

Happy birthday, dear Yoanna! I wish you great party with a lot of gifts and true friends!
Now I'll share with you two photos showing some small changes to the cake...As I told you the cake was for a girl and that's why at the very last moment the mother asked me to make it more colorful spreading flowers everywhere....Definitely, the cake was more colorful and I hope more irresistible to the kids. They all like different colors decorations. In the beginning I refused to put flowers because in the desert there aren't any flowers....but as the mother told me I am thinking too much while I am making the cakes, always looking for logic. The kids look for shiny decorations, they don't look for any logic. That was enough to convince me of spreading the flowers....:)And now the final result...
...And now you can see the right spelling of the name :)

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