Monday, June 17, 2013

Soccer playground

Last week I made a cake for Alex. This charming young boy is a  son of one of my friends here and he celebrated his 9th birthday. Alex is a very close friend to my son and they both are big LEGO fans. That's why I was very surprised when his mother asked me to make a cake for his birthday like a soccer playground. I haven't any idea that Alex now has another obsession - the soccer. Even the whole family is obsessed by this sport. I hope in that way I surprised not only Alex but all the other family members.
And here it's the time to share with you how I discredited myself. I decided to make extra 12 cupcakes decorated with green fondant resembling the grass of the soccer playground. I used soccer baking cups that were going together with decorative picks. Everything was perfect. I made everything on time, the cake I left in the fridge, the cupcakes on the kitchen table and I went to make a walk and take advantage of the sunny afternoon. In an hour coming home, happy and full of energy I noticed something weird on the table - the cupcakes looked awful. Just for a second I asked myself what had happened. The answer came immediately - the sun coming through the kitchen window had melted my decoration. I couldn't believe?!?!Was it so warm? Anyway, I was disappointed of myself why I hadn't protect the cupcakes ...And now on the pictures you will see instead of 12 green cupcakes the only 3-4 left without a lot of damages :) I am glad that everything was OK with the cake....

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