Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I dedicate my last cake to my husband. I made it especially for the Father's Day as a gift from our family. That's my way to tell him how proud I am of him as a father of our three beautiful children.
The idea for this cake came a long time ago...I wanted something special, something that will be touchy for my husband...and then came the idea with the Volkswagen Beetle. He is a big fan of all VW cars. Of course, as a man, he prefers a model different from the Beetle but I thought that it will be very cute to put on the cake "The Beetle". Immediately when I took the decision that the car will be orange (one of my husband's favorite colors), the cake appeared in my mind in brown. I like the combination of these two colors. While I was planning the cake and the decorations I couldn't get rid of the daisies. I changed a lot of ideas but the daisies appeared on all my images. That's why I decorated the cake in that way.
And some words concerning the taste and the flavors....A combination of 2 coffee layers with 2 cappuccino layers and the filling is homemade vanilla cream. The beetle is edible too. Under the orange fondant I made a mix of dried figs (my husband's favorite fruit), almonds, rum, cocoanut oil and ground cookies.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad,too! Unfortunately, I can't make and surprise him (because of the distance) with another cake. This year he will receive a virtual one :)

I'll stop with the pictures because probably most of you are bored with my cake...

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