Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday cake with a red rose

My post today is for a cake that I made last week. The lady that ordered the cake wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday. Isn't it very romantic? I admire couples who maintain their love every single day with such tiny and simple things as sending a love message, or giving a bouquet of flowers or as in our case ordering  a cake. It so simple to show your partner how important he is for you. Don't leave it for tomorrow, for your anniversary or for some other occasion! We live today, at this present moment!
That's the reason why I was so thrilled to prepare the cake. Unfortunately, there was one main obstacle around the cake preparation and that was the air humidity! Everybody who lives in Montreal knows about that problem. For me as a cake decorator this time of the year is a big challenge. When I put the fondant on the cake I have honestly less than a minute or two to make it smooth. After that the fondant becomes very sticky and it's incredibly difficult to work with it. That was and the main reason why I couldn't make sharp corners and well smooth the cake. The same is with the writing  - the pens refuse to work on the fondant, everything is melting and sometimes it's very discouraging.
Anyway, I won't complain. I am happy with what I am doing especially when I see the smiles on the faces of my friends receiving the cakes.
The cake is cleaned of decorations. It's plain and simple as the true and pure love...

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