Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mascarpone and fruit cake

Today I'll share with you another very favorite cake. I adore cakes with light and fluffy, not too sweet cream. This one is exactly what I like. I baked a chocolate layer and I made two cream fillings made out of mascarpone. I adore all desserts with mascarpone. Most of people relate this Italian cheese only with the world-famous Tiramisu. I use the cheese in many of cake filling creams. The light and tender texture makes the cake irresistibly delicious.
The cream filling I made of 475gr. mascarpone cheese separeted in two halves. In both halves I addes maple syrup for sweetness. I added sliced peaches from a can in the first half of the mascarpone mix. In the second half I added strawberries and blueberries. I added also whipping cream to make the filling more fluffy.
For the decoration I used real flowers from my backyard :) I wanted to keep the cake as simple as possible and that's why I didn't use anything else to make fancy decoration. I hope you like it :)


I didn't use any artificial colors to make a distinguished line between the two creams. I relied only on the natural colors of the peaches and blueberries...

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