Saturday, August 4, 2018

My husband's cakes

Let's start with this baked cheesecake. I was so happy that I found a recipe that works. Usually I try different cheesecake recipes and being honest with you most of them are far away from my taste and preference. That's why with this one, my last recipe, I was glad to find a delicious cheesecake.

I used strawberry jam. Of course, you can decorate it with fresh fruit.

And the other cake...fig cake :) Probably, you are asking yourself where are the figs???
Unfortunately, here I couldn't find any fresh figs. I planned at least to decorate the cake on the top with fresh fruit. I didn't want complete to disappoint my husband and that's why I used figs' jam inside the cake. Besides the biscotti soaked with coffee I made a cream with mascarpone and whipping cream. The flowers are just decoration, they are not edible.

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