Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friends for Eva

Do you remember this sign? Yes, I'm sure that so many different generations remember the movie "Friends". It's an unique movie, funny and relaxing, full of surprises and smiles, personal drama and love, disappointment and....there is everything. It's a favorite movie for so many people all over the world. One of them is Eva.

This cake is made especially for her, for this beautiful young lady who adores the movie "Friends".
Her cake wish this year is exactly that cake...

Happy birthday, dear Eva! I wish you all the best! Be always as charming and beautiful as you are, be always in good health and always surrounded by real friends!

The idea for this cake is not mine. Eva sent me a photo of a cake from the net and she asked me for the same. I tried to pick up all details that I have seen on the photos and to represent on her birthday cake. These are different details from the movie " Friends".

The cake is made out of vanilla layers with white vanilla cream with fresh blueberries inside. All decorations are made out of fondant. I used also colored in yellow vanilla frosting for the boards.

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