Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stephanie's 1st birthday

Today I'll share with you Stephanies' 1st birthday cake. Happy birthday, dear child!!!! I wish you smiles and happiness and all the best!!!!

Being honest with you,I was waiting for this cake a long time. The mom called me probably a month ago and she asked me for the cake. I like the idea from the very beginning and I was so thrilled to prepare a nautical cake like this. I was just waiting for the day and it looked so long....But finally the big day came and I started all the decorations.

The mom sent me all the details. I didn't create anything from my side - just the cake :)
And the cake is red velvet - one of my favorite. The filling is the traditional white frosting. The decorations are made out of fondant and everything is edible on the cake besides the water going out of the whale :)

I wish Stephanie all the best in life!!! To her and to her lovely parents! Happy birthday!

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