Saturday, May 9, 2015

LEGO cake

Today is Yoan's birthday...His 7th birthday! Happy birthday,dear child! Be always happy and healthy! Enjoy your childhood and have an amazing birthday party!

Yoan's interests right now are related to LEGO...That's why his cake this year is based on this theme. 

If you are still wondering what is written on the top of the cake,I'll help you :) It's written "Yoan" in Cyrillic. Probably even for the people who speak Bulgarian it can be a little be difficult to read the sign but I find it very interesting and unique to put down the name with the LEGO blocks.

I hope that Yoan will be happy to find all these LEGO blocks which by the way are candies :) I used them as decorations around the cake too. But the other bricks stuck to the cake are made out of fondant.

And now some words about the cake inside. The first layer is raw. It's a blend made out of ground almonds, dried dates, cranberries, apricots and some cookies. All these ingredients were gently attached by coconut oil and cacao. Then I baked some vanilla golden yellow layers and I made a very light cream of sour cream, strawberries, gelatin and a little bit of white fluffy icing.

Happy birthday, dear Yoan!!!

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