Thursday, November 27, 2014

Long vehicle cake

This cake is for our friend Mitko. Actually it's not for him but for his son who today celebrates his birthday. The guy works in the family business "Dinev Transport" and helps a lots. That's why the cake is in the shape of a truck. 
Probably you think it's easy to make a cake like this like I thought in the beginning...Not at all, especially if you make the cake with small pieces from here and there. First I hadn't so long cake pan, secondly I followed the proportions and that's why I cut the cake layers in so many pieces. And last but not least, I used very light cream made out of fresh strawberries and not at all butter cream which made the attachment of all these cake pieces more difficult. But never-mind, here is the truck :) It was a real fun to make it!

I strictly followed all details because I had a photo of the truck :)

....And I hope George will like it.
Happy birthday, Georgi! All the best to you and good luck in the business!!! 

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