Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy birthday Andy! (part 2)

As I promised you couple of days ago here is Andy's second birthday cake. His wish was "The cars". Together with his mother we decided to put the two plastic cars on the cake and even the mother had bought very cute candle with the two characters. You will see some photos later on :)

This time I decided to make something different. Probably you have noticed the different shape. The idea came spontaneously but I liked it so much that impatiently I waited for the next day to start with the cake. Even I kept my idea as a secret form Andy's mom. I wanted to make a small surprise even for her.

Do you like the idea?

The cake is vanilla and the filling is homemade chocolate cream.

And now my photos with the special candle. I put it on the top of the cake and moved McQueen down, next to his friend :)

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