Wednesday, July 30, 2014

To my love


That cake I made for my husband. Today he celebrates his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with a cake,of course. But I have decided to make a very simple cake. No fondant, no decorations....just ordinary but very delicious cake. That idea I kept almost till the moment I grabbed the flour and the eggs. I won't forgive myself if I won't make him a cake that I had planned since last year. A cake that represents his hobby and passion - the cars and mainly WV. This is not a surprise for the people that know him and all his friends...That's why immediately I started making a cake with the WV symbol.
It's again fondant cake made out of very thin chocolate layers. There are tiny éclairs with vanilla cream and strawberry cream between them - a combination of all his favorite tastes and flavors.
The top edge of the cake I tried to make it look like a car tire. I used a cake crimper.
Probably you are wondering why I put the dark blue heart on the front. There isn't any connection with the theme WV but it expresses my endless love towards my husband.
Happy birthday, my love!!!!


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