Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy birthday, Damian!


This cake was ordered by Trayana for the 1-st birthday of her charming son Damian. The lady was impressed by a cake made by Bubolinkata for the first birthday of her 4th son Damian. What a strange coincidence - the two boys are with the same name and  at the same age :). Here you can see Bubolinkata's masterpiece. I had the honor to be at the birthday of her cute son. It was an amazing summer party with a lot of fun and plenty of activities for the kids. All the information you can get from her post....Have fun :)

Let's continue with our cake... Before I accepted the cake order I asked my friend if I can use her cake idea. Trayana was very happy when I mentioned her that she could have the same cake with a boat and a cute bear :) The mother asked me to make some changes, to add some other details and in that way her son's cake was again unique!

Now came the big challenge - to make a cake that have to be almost the same like a cake made by Bubolinkata....Definetely for me it's more difficult when I have to make something close enough to the original than to create my own design....But the lovely lady,Trayana, gave me such a strength and faith. The way she spoke with me on the phone was enough to charge me with passion like making a cake for my kids. The thrill was incredible. I impatiently waited for the day when I started the cake. Now you can see what I have created....I hope you like it.



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