Wednesday, February 5, 2014

St. Valentine's cookies


Today I'll share with you my new St. Valentine's cookies. Unfortunately, the idea is not mine. I found it in the net, of course. I was so obsessed with this idea that immediately I started my new creations. My St.Valentine's cookie boxes are far from the perfection but I adore them. First, they are something different from what I have ever made and second, I like them because I adore  this different way to express your love.
I hope you like them too and I hope I have just given you an idea for the upcoming "love" day.

The heart candy boxes are made out of cookies. The first layer is a cookie in a heart shape, the second and the third layer are the same size heart cookies but here I used a smaller size heart cutter to make the hole of the box.  The smaller size heart cookies I baked and you can see them on my next photos. I decided to leave them untouched, without any decorations - simple and irresistibly delicious. The three layers of cookies are attached by royal  icing and later on I filled them with red heart cinnamon candies. The lid of the box is made out of the same size heart cookie as the bottom. You can decorate them as you like - with fondant, with royal icing, with sprinkles, using stencils....the choice is yours. Good luck!

And the small heart cookies...

Here you can see my St. Valentine's cookies from the previous years...always made with a lot of love for my loved ones!

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