Friday, February 14, 2014

Birthday cupcakes for my Kalina

These are the cupcakes that I have prepared for Kalina's birthday at the daycare. This year I decided to make something different, I mean different from the traditional birthday cake. That's why I baked mini vanilla muffins, made them more attractive with the colorful bits that I like to use for kids birthdays and finally I decorated them with lady bugs.
For the people who do not speak Bulgarian the name of my daughter Kalina means two things. The first one is a pretty shrub which I found here in the Botanical garden.

And here Kalina as a baby at the Botanical garden with the shrub "Kalina" (I forget what is the Latin name of it, sorry...)
And the second meaning is "ladybug". Besides all these meanings Kalina is a very ancient and beautiful Bulgarian name.
Now you see why I decorated the mini cupcakes with ladybugs. And now I am sure that you won't be surprised next time when I'll present you Kalina's cake for the party with her friends.


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