Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heart cake for my loved Sophia

Днес е 17-ти септември...На този ден се отбелязва паметта на майка София и нейните три дъщери Вяра, Надежда и Любов и се отдава почит на добродетелите, които ни крепят - вярата, надеждата, любовта и мъдростта.
Честит празник на всички именници! Бъдете здрави и щастливи, носете и дарявайте любов и светлина!
And now it's time to show you the cake that I made for my Sophia. "Heart cake" was her decision. I was surprised when I heard that. I expected that she would like something with animals or with some movie character....but from the beginning she insisted on "heart cake". On the top she asked me to add....you can't believe it but it's true...some snails :))) Of course, I can't say "No" to my precious Sophia. If this is her desire I can't do anything besides making the snails....
Be happy and healthy child, my dear Sophia! We love you very much!!!!

...and now with the snails...


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