Sunday, May 26, 2013

Suitcase cake or a story started 7 years ago

Today our family makes seven years life abroad. Exactly on that date we left our country with hearts filled with many mixed feelings. Everybody who ventures out into the world knows all the emotions in such crucial moment. There was a little bit of everything - thrill of meeting something new and different, readiness to start a new life on a new place, passion to meet new cultures and traditions and at the same time some fear of the unknown, some sadness of leaving close friends and relatives, beautiful places. Very mixed feelings and emotions....they can't be explained in couple of sentences. But that was our case. Everybody has its own story.
In the beginning we counted every single month, every single year....after that we stopped thinking about the time. There were more important things than the numbers. Accidentally last week the question "How long have you been living here?" reminded me about the date...And immediately after that the idea of making a cake  expressing our life changing decision and  the attendant emotions came into my mind.
I don't want to turn this post into very emotional story and that's why I'll stop here. I would like just to mention that when we left our country seven years ago we were with much more suitcases than this on the picture :). I decided to make a cake in the shape of these old suitcases that we know from our grandparents or from the black and white photos. It looks very authentic.

With this cake I would like to wish good luck to all people who have taken or are taking right now or will take a decision like ours, who are ready for new adventures and discoveries.

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