Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Today's cake is dedicated to my mother. Unfortunately, we live far, far away and I couldn't make a real cake for her. That's why for this Mother's Day I will send her just some pictures of it....I would like to thank her for everything that she has made and she is still making for myself, for all the support and love during the years. I love you, Mom!

Of course, I made the cake with a lot of love and extremely quickly. But not because I was in a hurry. I simply had the desire and thrill to make it. I didn't even want to stop for a second. I wanted to be with a lot of different flowers as the different angles of mother's love. 
Mothers show love to their children in a different way. As a mother of three amazing kids I know how difficult it can be sometimes to express your feelings in the way that your kids will understand you.
Sometimes we kiss and hug them and we can't live a second without them, sometimes we are tired and exhausted of our everyday routine and we don't want to listen anymore to our children's problems and complains. Sometimes we are sad and we cry when our kids cry, sometimes we stay sleepless when they are sick or unhappy, sometimes we can be angry and can shout, sometimes we are not patient enough, sometimes we feel sorry and we feel helpless...But it doesn't matter what's going on we are always there for them! We protect, support and encourage our kids... Because we love them! Even when we are severe we are doing this just because we love them and we want the best for them! Simply... we are mothers....
That's why I made a bouquet of colorful flowers as our colorful love.
Let's thank today our mothers and  all women who have an important role in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day,Mom!

And now some words about the cake. This is kind of raw cake because I didn't bake even a single layer. I used a real plant pot for the shape of my cake. I covered the walls of the pot with plastic wrap and then I started with my experiment :) I made the walls out of my favorite blend of dried fruit and nuts. This time I used only raisins, walnut and ground tea cookies. I covered the bottom of the pot with the same blend. In the center ( imagine a big hole in the pot) I arranged in layers mini eclairs with Bavarian cream.I put cream filling between the layers made out of sour cream and Philadelphia Chocolate. Amazing combination!!! Believe it or not, it's irresistible! This cream was to the top of the pot. I put some hand ground crumbs of a chocolate layer that I have baked before to pretend soil. You can use ground Oreo cookies too. When I took out my cake out of the plant pot I covered the walls with modelling chocolate. It's easy to work with it if you warm it a little bit. And finally I arranged my flowers made out of fondant. The grass I made of cocoanut flakes colored with green edible food color that you can find in each food store.
And now I'll stop with the explanations. It's time to celebrate!

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