Monday, February 11, 2013

More suggestions for St. Valentine

St.Valentine is coming... Do you feel thrill in the air? Are you ready? Did you find something cute and unforgettable for your loved one? Did you decide what kind of cake you'll make? Or probably, you prefer to buy a luxury box of chocolate candies....It doesn't matter how you'll surprise your half. The most important is to express your love, appreciation and affection. Even sometimes a strong hug, a passionate kiss, a romantic note on the kitchen table can be enough. Only if it's honest and if it's coming from your heart. It's a day not to spend a lot of money buying expensive lingerie or enormous cute bear toys that later on you don't know where to put. It's a day when we express one more time our love, passion and affection.

Today I give you some more ideas what you can prepare for you Valentine's day. All my suggestions are easy to make and everybody can do them. They won't take lot of time and efforts. That's why get down to work:)

My first suggestion  are bran muffins filled with strawberry and fig jam. (you can use whatever jam you like). After the muffins are baked and cooled you can make a hole in the centre,lift that part and fill the empty space with the jam. After that cover the filled with jam muffins with vanilla frosting and decorate with some heart decorating sprinkles. And here it is...

Isn't it easy?

Now let's start with another idea for St.Valentine - a small cake made with tiny round eclairs  filled with vanilla cream. Arrange the eclairs in the shape of a pyramid and attach them with cream made of mascarpone cream, sour cream and mixed berries. In my cake I used a lot of blueberries, blackberries and cranberries. That's why the color is more purple. On the top of the pyramid pour some melted chocolate and again spread abundance of decorating hearts.

Next idea I found in the net.  Here you can find perfect explanations how to make it. It's a pound cake and I made it for the first time. I am not so proud with the final result, I mean "the heart" is not in the center but I am extremely proud of what I created. My family (not only kids) fell in love with this pound cake! They couldn't resist and they ate more that a piece or two. Honestly, I even couldn't try it...I was just sitting and starring how even the tiniest crumbs disappeared in front of me. Although I hadn't chance to try it, I can bravely asseverate that it's delicious!

As you can see my suggestions for something sweet for your Valentine's Day are easy to make. I wish you good luck and most of all love each other and don't forget that we all need love and appreciation not only one day per year! Love each other strongly and passionately every single day as it is St.Valentine's Day!

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