Monday, February 25, 2013

It's party time!

Today I'll give you some ideas for kids' parties. It's not always necessary to have an enormous, well-decorated cake. Sometimes cute cupcakes with thematic decorations can work better. Be sure to have enough. Kids usually are attracted by the colors, shapes, interesting decorations and thematic characters. That's why it's very common if some of the kids will ask you for an extra one or two cupcakes.
Decorate the room or the salon for the party in the theme that your child is interested in at the moment. There is enormous variety of costumes, posters, table covers, plates, napkins, cups, balloons and all other kind of party supplies that you can easily find in the specialized party shops. The cake or the cupcakes can be the final touch to your event.
You can always add some variety to the main theme. If your theme is a pirate party like my last case that I'll present you today make or order cupcakes decorated with flowers, fairies, butterflies. There will be for sure girls or younger kids that are not interested in pirates at all. And we don't want to disappoint our guests. Add different ingredients, tastes, flavors and fillings. Ask in advance if there is an allergy issue among the kids.
And finally don't forget the parents (if they are invited, of course:) ). My suggestion today is an enormous box of  homemade Raffaello candies! Who can resist to this delicious  treat:)


Enjoy the party!

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