Monday, February 19, 2018

Unicorn cake

Happy birthday, dear Kalina!!!! We wish you all the best! Be always very happy, keep always your charming smile, be always very positive and loving!
We love you!!!!

This colorful cake is for 7th birthday of our youngest daughter Kalina. The idea of the cake I shared with Kalina in advance because I wanted to see her reaction. She was extremely happy and very impatient to see it. She asked me even 3 weeks earlier when I will start making her cake.
I was very happy when I saw her smile and satisfaction.

The cake is actually double. I forgot to measure its height but it's approximately 18-20cm. Chocolate layers gently attached by fluffy chocolate cream. The lower tier is with blackberries. I used vanilla frosting instead of fondant. 

We wish you colorful and beautiful life, dear Kalina!