Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A birthday cake for a mechanical engineer

Happy birthday! Good health and a lot of professional achievements!

This cake is for today's birthday of a man that I have never met. His mother ordered the cake as a surprise for the birthday. Her son is a mechanical engineer and that's why the cake corresponds to his professional field.
You will notice that the sign on the cake is a little bit weird. The reason for this is that I covered the name of the person. I respect my clients' privacy rights and confidentiality of personal information. That's why don't be surprised when you notice the grey line on the sign.

The cake idea belongs to the lady who ordered the cake. By the way, she is amazing. Her voice was so calm and gentle on the phone while we were discussing the cake that I felt like we know each other for a long time, like we were close friends...
The lady sent me different photos on this theme and together we decided how the cake would look like, what mechanical instruments and elements I would put on the cake... The lady wanted more authentic cake, more close to the reality than just a cake.

And here is the final result...

And now from different angles...

All elements, all decorations are edible and are made out of fondant. I used silver spay for the whole cake and then I painted by hand the metal cramps. The cake is made out of vanilla layers gently attached by homemade chocolate cream.

I hope that the man will be pleasantly surprised tonight. I cross my fingers :) And I wish him first of all to be always in good health, to be happy and as I mentioned in the very beginning of my post to have great professional achievements!

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