Saturday, June 14, 2014

Irresistibly delicious muffins

These are my healthy and irresistibly delicious muffins. Probably for most of you they don't look attractive and yummy-yummy. Yes, they are not decorated in a fancy way  and they may not catch your eye at all but....There is always "but". These muffins are made with ingredients healthy for your body and definitely they are the better choice in comparison with the traditional "supermarket" muffins.
Anyway, I am very proud of myself because finally I create by myself a recipe that I adore 100%. The muffins are moist and not falling apart. They don't have any sugar. The sweetness comes from the dried and soaked dates and black cherries. On the photos you can see some dark pieces - these are actually the black cherries; the muffins are not burned. I used granola, poppy, sesame, hemp and flax seeds, godji berry, avocado oil and water. I also added some pecans - I adore them. You can use walnuts or whatever nut you like. I spread also cinnamon in the mixture and that's it. It's really very simple recipe - you can use whatever you like and whatever you have at the moment. You just mix all the ingredients together and then fill the muffin paper cups.

They are very good for an afternoon snack with a cup of nice tea or aroma coffee.

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