Friday, December 6, 2013

Bonne fête,Nikola!

Today is my son's name's day - St. Nikolas. As a tradition we always prepare the meal typical for this holiday - baked carp with rice and walnuts. Actually there are different recipes for this traditional meal but always the carp presents. Here you can check some of them although I am sure that the people who celebrate St. Nikolas don't need any recipes and instructions :)
For those who haven't any idea for this winter holiday here who can get more info.
And now it's time for the cake. This year I took the decision to skip the cake :) I was planning just to make some simple cupcakes and that's it! But at the last moment my son was very disappointed with myself how I can make cakes for everybody and I don't want to prepare anything for him. After such words how can I stay calm doing nothing. Of course, I took all his cake wishes into consideration and I started immediately.
The cake is moist chocolate one with rich chocolate cream filling. Of course, the theme is marine but the figures are from Lego. For the people like me who don't know the characters these are Ocean King (a mighty ruler of the deep blue sea) and the Mermaid (an ocean-dweller who wants to see the world). Characters were very well explained in my son's LEGO Character Encyclopedia which I used as my main helper and guide. As you know my son is a big LEGO fan. All his last cakes are based on this theme :)

Happy holiday to everybody with the name of St. Nikolas!

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