Monday, March 4, 2013

Lego cakes - II part

Let's continue with the Lego cakes. Yesterday I presented you two cakes on this topic and today I decided to continue. I hope it will be fun for all Lego fans.
This order came from the parents of my son's best friend - Daniel. I think it's not necessary to explain that if the two boys are very close friends they should be interested in the same toys. Of course,we talk about Lego Ninjago:)
The parents asked me for a cake with abundance of chocolate - moist, airy and rich chocolate devil's food cake with creamy chocolate filling. A cake covered with chocolate frosting and decorated with modeling chocolate. Together we decided to add some of the Lego candies and in that way to show Daniel's interests.

Happy birthday, Dani! I am sure you had an amazing party yesterday! I wish you to keep through the whole year this party feeling with all incredible emotions!

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