Friday, September 28, 2012

Wafer cake with ricotta cream

Here is my new experiment - a wafer cake. That idea came to me spontaneously. I have decided to try something new and that's why I bought a package of cake wafers.My experiment haven't stopped only with this.The combination of layers with chocolate ganache filling and ricotta cream was another challenge for my taste. Similar recipe I have found somewhere in the net. Finally I was pleasantly surprise with the taste. The chocolate, of couse, gives the sweet and traditional taste for a cake but the ricotta cream filling brings the light and fluffy, mouth-melting feeling. It neutralizes the sweet chocolate filling.
I have bought some candies for decoration. I've found their colors very attractive. Hazelnuts and almonds are covered with dark, milk and white chocolate. Plenty of cocoa powder is spread on the top.
Bon appetit!

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